Eric Menneteau : vocals
Hoëla Barbedette : quarter tone lever harp

Both Hoëla Barbedette and Éric Menneteau were members of the first Kreiz Breizh Akademi orchestra, led by Erik Marchand in 2005-2007. Each then continued his own musical path (Badume’s Band & Mahmoud Ahmed, Duo Kemener/Menneteau for Eric, Duo Barbedette/Quenderff, Bon Matin for Hoëla…). They now meet again on their common ground : the music from central Brittany and the modality. Their songs come from the collects in the breton-speaking and french-speaking areas and tell the fate of various pairs – newlyweds, rejected lover, mother and son, unmarried couple… A meeting between two fine energies, Menneteau-Barbedette renews the « voice and harpe » genre, with the help of the quarter tones harp which emphasizes in a new way this colorful repertoire.